Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The origin of the species

Hong Kong 1982. The manufacturing and production hub of the world is burning at a full flame. As with their neighbors in Japan and China, photography is an intense national hobby and obsession. New camera designs and productions are churned out daily, feeding the huge domestic and import markets. From within this world of manic creation and innovation comes the Holga, a distinctly un-modern and somewhat prehistoric throwback to the early days of camera mechanics.
The concept is simple - a minimal and inexpensive camera using medium format 120 film. It would contain only the bare necessities for photo mechanisms, and provide a cheap and accessible alternative for students and enthusiasts to dip their toes into the otherwise very expensive world of medium format photography. Reflecting the shining landscape around them, this new camera is named after the term "ho gwong," meaning "very bright." After throwing a European spin onto this phrase, the moniker "HOLGA" is minted. This dead simple camera is met with a warm welcome, establishing a strong yet small base of Holga aficionados. Birth, death, celebration, ritual, and everything in-between is caught on lo-fi medium-format emulsions - amplified and focused through the plastic lens of this bare bones, oversized camera.
 × Lomography

So Holgas are actually pretty cheap, this one you can buy at Urban Outfitters for only 48 dollars. They're made from plastic and are relatively small, but the effect the Holga produces is well worth it. The primary characteristics of the Holga's pictures are vignetting (black around the edges), dreamy picture quality, and radiant colors. Here are a few examples taken from the Lomography website:
I think the Holga would be a good start for any amateur photographer like myself. However, even though I'm probably not the best I would love a good DSLR. The Canons look good, but their design is all a bit dull, I did find a pretty cool camera that I really want to save up for. It's one of the most affordable DSLR's of it's kind, but that doesn't mean it's low quality.
Behold! The white pentax K-r, you can check out the K-r specs at the Pentax website. It's pretty amazing in my opinion. I know there are other cameras way better than this, but I'm an aesthetics whore and for me design ≥quality. You'll be mine eventually....Soon.


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