Thursday, March 24, 2011

It Works!

This is a PDF file of a little book that has a big impact. You might have already heard of the New Thought Movement, the ideas of the movement were made popular recently with books like The Secret. It Works! is a book that's a bit older and way more simplistic, it provides very basic outlines on how to manifest your desires through selective focus and visualization. It's something fun to try, I've used these techniques for a couple of things I wanted and I ended up getting them. If you don't believe, try it out! Experiment, see how long it takes you to manifest something. I'll have more posts about manifestation later on. The PDF can be downloaded here.
Sorry this post is so short, I had to work today and I need to go to sleep early to get up for work tomorrow. I PROMISE to make a better post later on, until then!


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